Board Committees :

Finance and Banking Committee: Headed by IZDEHAR’s Chairman, Mr. Rafiq Abu Munshar. The Committee will play a pivotal role in primarily managing the corporation’s investment portfolio, seeking & creating investment opportunities, approving the fund’s investment objectives, overseeing all contracting processes and transactions with banks and financing institutions, and developing an investment plan in accordance with the financial needs and circumstances of the corporation. 

Members of the committee will set long-term goals and will clearly define and underline the success criteria for certain Investments and/or portfolios that fulfill the Cooperation’s main objectives and purposes. 

Governance and Audit Committee (G&A): Headed by Mr. Ehab HassounehCPA with 25 years experience in G&A.Its primary purpose is to set policies, procedures, and rules that determine how a corporation is directed and controlled, whilst having an oversight of the company’s financial reporting process. In addition,  overseeing Audit Process, company’s Internal Control System, and Compliance with Laws and Regulations. The committee will have the overall responsibility of the Internal Controls and Processes in the company and will ensure to protect and sustain IZDEHAR’s Stakeholders' Interests.  

For many shareholders, it is not sufficient for a company to merely be profitable; it also needs to demonstrate first-class ethical behavior, robust corporate governance practices, and environmental awareness. 

Energy Committee: Headed by Mr. Fouad Al Amlah, Ex-Deputy to the former Minister of Energy and a very well renowned expert in this sector. The energy market encompasses a diverse array of targeted sectors; therefore, the energy committee will determine the strategy that is most appropriate or suitable for IZDEHAR to pursue and help reach its potential. Moreover, the committee will support any Investment decision-making by IZDEHAR in the Energy Sector. It also bears the responsibility to identify key energy areas that are unavailable locally and can be brought to Palestine to develop & invest. 

Housing and Development Committee (H&D): Headed by Mr. Nabil Aldeekone of the biggest and most astute Real Estate Investors and Developers in Palestine. He built diverse Housing Complexes, Shopping Centres, and other private properties. The committee will be responsible for IZDEHAR’s Real Estate Development and Housing Strategies. In addition, to support identifying property investment and/or development opportunities in Palestine and support decision making when it comes to building and investing in Real Estate.

Technology Committee: Headed by Mr. Basel Alqadia prominent businessman, with wide experience in Public & Private Sectors. The Committee’s primary purpose is to assist IZDEHAR's overall technology investment decision-making once a potential project is identified. Additionally, the committee will explore the Technology and Innovation landscape in Palestine and identify investment opportunities that are aligned with IZDEHAR’s objectives and goals. The Committee will illustrate the purpose and importance of such opportunities to IZDEHAR and assist in the investment decision.  

Industrial Committee: Headed by Mr. Mashhour Abu Khalafwho is the General Manager for Al Juneidi Group. The committee will concentrate on setting up IZDEHAR’s primary strategy, objectives and goals for investing in manufacturing and other industrial segments.  The Committee will play a key role in identifying current potential challenges and opportunities, within Palestine Landscape for possible  Investment or development by IZDEHAR. 

Agriculture Committee: Headed by Mr. Aref Sultan, an International expert and Investor in this sector. The Committee’s role is to set the key strategic approach for IZDEHAR to adopt when it comes to investing in Agriculture in Palestine. Working on the entire geographical area of Palestine (WB, Gaza and historical Palestine), the Committee will identify potential and fruitful opportunities in conjunction with IZDEHAR’s objectives and vision, for possible investment and development. 

External Committees :

Headed by the CEO of Izdehar, Mr. Basil Alqadi. The members of the committee are Mr. Daoud Al-QawasmePh.D. civil engineering, Mr. Abdul-Mughni Nofal, and Dr. Mohammad Abu-Haikal. 

Mr. Abdul-Mughni Nofal

Inclusive growth and sustainable Integrated Development Expert. 

Nofal is an Architect/ Urban Planner and Urban Development Professional by Education, Graduated from Middle Technical University Ankara/ Turkey in 1982, and University of Strathclyde/ Glasgow/United Kingdom in 1993.  Mr. Nofal has over 35 years of working of focused experience on Project life cycle planning, design, financing and implementation, Municipal development-related aspects, Local Economic Development, Democratic Governance, and Municipal Finance are of his key skills. Nofal has wide knowledge in designing capacity development-related packages.  Urban Management and development. Nofal experienced working for National and International agencies in Palestine, North Africa, East Africa, and the Middle East regions. Throughout his international career, he worked for UNDP/PAPP, UN-HABITAT, Mercy Corps International and CHF/Global Communities, and UNCDF in the capacity of the Regional Coordinator for the Southern Eastern Africa Region and the Regional Technical Advisor for MENA region, including Jordan, Palestine, and Yemen. Nofal, Known within the industry for setting high standards and goals, driving results, and forming and leading effective and high-performing teams.

Mr. Daoud Al-Qawasme

Dr. Qawasmeh is the General Director of Gama United Contracting Company, he is also the Country Director in Palestine for Trigon Associates, LLC, and also head of Palestinian Consultancy for engineering services. He has over 30 years of planning, engineering, design, project/program/construction management and delivery of projects of various sizes and complexities. He holds advanced degrees in civil engineering, including an MSc and PhD in Geotechnical and Infrastructure Engineering. He has led or provided consultation on numerous studies, planning and design efforts for projects ranging from roads, water, and wastewater projects to environmental and sanitation projects. Dr. Qawasmeh has been responsible for the oversight and management of design and construction efforts for many kilometers of roadway improvements, water system installations as well as building/facility projects (such as schools, hospitals, etc.). 

In addition to his high level of technical experience and expertise, Dr. Qawasmeh has many years of successful experience in effectively managing staff as well as operations and programmatic cost and schedule/budget control, in addition to working effectively and collaboratively with various ministries. Municipalities and governmental entities throughout Palestine. This includes significant experience with the USAID West Bank/Gaza Mission.

The members of the committee are nominated by the board of directors with experience in various sectors and are not limited to a number of the members. The committee will play a key role in advising the company’s board of directors and CEO to develop the investment portfolio and search for investment opportunities that align with the company’s goals in development investment and empowerment for disadvantaged groups in Palestinian society, as well as contributing to proposing investment priorities at the national level.

Committee members will advise on the long-term strategy for outreach, fundraising, and private equity placement.