Overview - Company

IZDEHAR or Palestine Prosperity Investment Development - PPID is a US$ 100 million investment vehicle for development-oriented investment opportunities in Palestine. It provides a pool of readily available risk capital for project construction and operation. IZDEHAR will work in a complementary manner as a deal catalyst, identifying and developing infrastructure projects from their earliest concept phase to an investment-ready phase, it will assemble all financing needs and will bear the risks of construction and operation. IZDEHAR’s long term vision is to develop a pipeline of $1.1 Billion Investment Projects in Palestine

The initiative comes at a particularly crucial time for Palestine as Western Donors continue to halt donations and the Palestinian Authority lack of finances. The fund will focus on essential infrastructure needs, including Energy, Industrial Zones, Waste Management, Education, Health, Religious Tourism, Technology, Agriculture and Affordable Housing.

PPID’s unique model comes at a particularly critical time for Palestine and the region as Western Donor continue to halt donations and the Palestinian Authority continues to struggle in overcoming its longstanding fiscal deficits, the Private Sector needs to step-in and work on rebuilding the foundational elements necessary for economic development. Current levels of private investment in the Palestinian Territories are not sufficient to fuel meaningful Economic Growth and create sustainable employment opportunities. The inadequacy of private investment is particularly significant in the infrastructure sector and other strategic projects that tend to have large capital requirements and longer horizons for returns, thus bearing a higher risk profile. This is exacerbated in Palestine where the political situation remains highly volatile. 

Moreover, Infrastructure investment in Palestine is critical to economic productivity and it was estimated that Palestine needs $0.5-1 billion per year for the next 20 years to meet its infrastructure development needs. Without additional large-scale interventions beyond those currently planned, these needs will not be met. But if they are left unaddressed, Palestine’s infrastructure deficit will result in a continuation of stunted economic development with dire social consequences that will impact State-Building and its progress. Therefore, Private sector initiatives are needed to alleviate the infrastructure deficit in Palestine via the use of De-risking instruments to channel investment.

PPID’s Strategy

PPID identifies and develops large-scale commercially viable projects from the idea stage until financial closure, aiming to reduce the risk inherent in these projects by strategically structuring their financial and legal formations. Projects are selected based on their potential to help build the foundation and the infrastructure for an independent state with strong viable economy, and create long term professional employment opportunities across a variety of disciplines and sectors such as Energy, Industrial Zones, Waste Management, Education, Health, ICT and Affordable Housing.


The mission of PPID is to drive investment in Palestine and develop the Private Sector by upgrading its investment scope and providing seed capital.

  • PPID will facilitate access to capital, through equity and debt instruments, for development projects at various stages (green field and up).
  • PPID will identify and develop investable opportunities; assist in the creation of business plans; support the process of raising debt and equity; provide guidance on governance structures and Continuously support investors post completion of transactions.
  • PPID will work with existing sources of capital (debt and equity) and with new potential funders/investors to develop proper financing Structures for investment opportunities in Palestine.

  • PPID will develop advanced tailored interventions that will meet investors/debtor’s partnership and lending criteria.


Together, our Efforts aim to alleviate the financing deficit in Palestine and create a pool of risk capital available for high impact mega projects.

  • PPID will be the investment umbrella for supporting the Palestinian Private Sector and International Players interested to invest in Palestine. 

  • PPID will bridge the gap between the various companies, shareholders, stakeholders and the Palestinian Authority Institutions and create a linkage with relevant Israeli decision-makers to facilitate process.
  • PPID will engage with International Financial Institutions, Development Banks, Donors…etc in order to exchange, knowledge, expertise and to create a vibrant investment atmosphere in Palestine.

  • PPID will engage with Palestine Diaspora around the world, GCC countries and others in its pursue of expanding investment portfolio through foreign capital 

Core Values

Improving the awareness of local and regional players on the IZDHEAR activity, as an alternative financing source and business development catalyzer, for the private and public sector..... etc
Building a Collaborative culture between unniversities, excellence center, incubators, investors, and governnment.
Addressing critical enablers for investment including movement and access of goods and people, infrastructure, regulatory and permitting, and connectivity with applicable bank and donor- sponsored programs......... etc

Professional allocation of investments and diversification. Creating opportunities for regionnal and international expansion and cooperation, through their global networks

Our Board of Directors & Partners

Rafiq Abu Munshar

Chairman / Head of the Investments Committee

Mr. Abu Munshar is the owner and CEO of United Group. A Chairman for multiple companies within United Group including Modern Company for Building Material, United Cement & Steel Manufacturing, Southern Concrete Factory and United logistics. Board member of Hebron Chamber of Commerce. Holds Accounting degree & CPA.

Basil AlQadi

CEO / Head of the Technology Committee

Mr. Alqadi is the Chairman of Zara Group, which has subsidiaries in furniture, automobile trading maintenance and a leasing. During his career Mr. Alqadi served as the CEO of SECLO and former CFO of HEPCO after serving at managerial positions in Palestinian Ministry of Finance and part time teaching in mult The secretary general of Palestinian businessmen forum. Holds a BA degree in management from Jordan and completed his MBA with focus in finance and has a high diploma in strategic management for large caps from Sweden.

Ehab Hassouneh

Board Member/Head of the Governance & Audit Committee

Mr. Hassouneh is the chairman of Aram Group that has various investments in consulting business, trading, Tourism, and Outfit retail chain. Mr. Hassouneh holds a bachelor degree in accounting from Amman Ahliya University. ACPA, PCPA. Secretary General of Hebron Chamber of CommerceIs , a CPA designation holder and has more than 25 years of experience in Auditing

Nabil Aldeek

Board Member/Head of the Housing & Development Committee

Mr. Abu Sneneh is one of the largest investors and developers of real estate in Palestine, he has built diverse housing complexes and shopping centers in addition to residential properties. Vice chairman of Alzaitonah University and holds a diverse real estate portfolio in the area.

Musa Al-Jubeh

Board member

An investor with many local and international investments

Maha Abu Shusha

Board member

Mrs. Maha Abu Shusha, a mother of four children, and the director of Abu Shusha Contracting Company... She is also the president of the Palestinian Businesswomen's Forum and a member of the Board of Trustees of the University of Jerusalem. She is the president of the Board of Directors of Al-Rawwad (a Palestinian organization for the preservation of architectural heritage) and has also held the position of chairman of the Board of the Palestinian Shippers Council, which represents Palestinian importers and exporters. She is a founding member of BalaTrade and the Khalil Al-Sakakini Cultural Center.

A multitasking and accomplished woman, passionate about social work and her professional field, she appears optimistic about a more equal future for Palestinian women in the labor market in terms of roles and status. She currently works with numerous companies and cultural institutions.

Maha was born in 1962 in Ramallah and studied at Birzeit University, where she graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Economics. Her professional journey began with co-managing Abu Shusha Contracting Company in 1983, a road construction company.

Her father passed away in 1988, and she took on the responsibilities inherited from him, subsequently being appointed as the company's general manager.

One of the significant achievements for the Abu Shusha family's company was the establishment of an exclusive agency for Peugeot automobiles in Palestine.

Issa Khouri

Board member

The story of Issa Khouri is one that truly deserves to be told. He was forcibly displaced from his homeland as a child and grew up in the city of Shfaram. Despite the odds, he persevered through adversity, even enduring political imprisonment.

Issa's journey led him to an unexpected path, one that would take him into the world of iron and heavy industries. He would ultimately become one of the most prominent businessmen in the Middle East. His ventures transcended borders and achieved international recognition in places such as Morocco, Algeria, Azerbaijan, South Korea, and more.

His visionary approach to business led to the establishment of massive projects, including power generation stations and other groundbreaking initiatives. Issa Khouri's remarkable life serves as an inspiration for many, demonstrating that resilience, determination, and innovation can turn adversity into unparalleled success on a global scale.

Mamoon Aljuneidi

Board member

Mamoon Aljuneidi, aged 34, is a prominent figure in the business world, known for his innovative ventures in Palestine. With a solid foundation in International Business Management from the University of West London in the UK, Mamoon has driven remarkable success stories in various industries.

Leading the way as the CEO at Al-wafa Plastic Industries (WPI), Mamoon has spearheaded the transformation of this company into a leading force in the field of food packaging in Palestine. Under his visionary leadership, Al-wafa has emerged as the go-to destination for high-quality and sustainable packaging solutions, serving a diverse range of industries.

In addition to his pioneering work in plastics, Mamoon is also the CEO and Owner of Aljuneidi Dairy, Palestine's largest family-owned dairy and food processing business. His commitment to excellence and innovation has not only transformed his businesses but has also contributed significantly to the overall growth of Palestine's industrial and agricultural sectors.

Mamoon Aljuneidi's influence extends far beyond corporate boardrooms. He is celebrated as one of Palestine's influential business leaders, known for his vision and dedication to progress in the region.