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Edible Oil Project

IZDEHAR | Palestine Prosperity Investment & Development|2022-03-16 12:50:06

Project Overview : 

  • The first extraction, refinery, and filling of vegetable oil in Palestine, local market consumes 300 tones per day.
  • Mechanical and chemical solvent extraction methods have been used for efficiency.
  • Secured sales of meal by-products to ‘Izdehar animal feed plant.
Project Sponsors Project Impact 
  • Izdehar
  • Oile whole traders and importers
  • Direct Jobs: 20 / Indirect Jobs: 500 
  • Substitute the imported oil
  • Support animal feed industry

Project Timeline
Project Highlight

2022 - Feasibility and land securing

kjlkjkl120 tone per day: soya, sunflower, or corn
2023 - Setup, development, and construction
US $12 million investment
2024 -  Operation and entry to the market50% Equity

2025 -  Improvement and scaling up

15% IRR