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Waste To Energy Units (3 to 5 MWh)

IZDEHAR | Palestine Prosperity Investment & Development|2022-03-15 18:33:12

Project Overview : 

  • West Bank and Gaza Strip has continuing problematic solid municipalities waste management
  • Izdehar plans to establish several small-scale waste management facilities to generate power, each unit has a capacity range between 3 to 5 MWh.
  • The plant will collect, transport, and sort solid wastes and will generate power through pyrolysis and/or incineration.
Project Sponsors Project Impact 
  • Izdehar
  • Local municipalities
  • Electricity distribute
  • Direct Jobs: 7 / Indirect Jobs: 100 
  • A clean sustainable environment at competitive costs
  • Increase power availability

Project Timeline

Project Highlight

2022 - Feasibility, technology selection, and land securin

100 tones of wastes consumed per unit
2023 -  Setup, development, and construction first unit
US $5 to $7  million investment per unit
2024 -  Duplicate the project20% Equity

2025 - Improvement and scaling up

17% IRR