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The Energy Authority grants a temporary license to an electric power plant in Hebron Governorate

IZDEHAR | Palestine Prosperity Investment & Development|2022-03-16 15:49:59


The Energy and Natural Resources Authority granted Izdehar Palestine Power Generation Company a temporary license for an 80-megawatt natural gas-fired electric power plant in the Hebron Governorate, adjacent to Tarqumiya Industrial Area


 M said. Dhafer Melham, Head of the Energy and Natural Resources Authority: This station will contribute to alleviating the electricity crisis in the southern region, which suffers from a shortage of electricity from the source, noting that its operation will cover the needs of approximately 65,000 Palestinian families.


 Melham stressed the importance of increasing reliance on local sources of energy and reducing dependence on external sources as an important step towards achieving energy security, adding that investing in more energy projects, whether renewable or conventional, will contribute to achieving sustainable development and diversifying energy sources, as stated in the national policy agenda.


 In turn, the developer of the project said: "We hope that this project will be a prelude to other development projects that contribute to supporting the Palestinian economy by increasing the availability of electrical energy and providing it to the Palestinian citizen at a better price."


 It is worth noting that this license will pave the way for the developer and government agencies to prepare for the signing of an agreement to purchase the energy produced from the station, to be approved by the Council of Ministers.