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Target Sectors and Geography

IZDEHAR will be seeking investment opportunities mainly focused on the following sectors:

  • Development/Industrial Parks
  • Construction - Affordable Housing
  • Energy / Renewables Energy
  • Banking
  • Heavy Industries
  • Waste Management
  • Infrastructure & Water
  • Agriculture
  • ICT 

The scope of investment opportunities will not be limited to the above mentioned promising sectors, since potential investors could be interested in different areas. A selection criteria with pre-qualification checklist will be formulated to determine the preparedness of proposed project for equity/debt investors.

Prioritization criteria will be done on a needs basis, in terms of focus sector, project maturity, investment structure, broad pipeline will be established at first to kick start with (IZDEHAR Advisers will provide leads, which will positively boost the pipeline)

IZDEHAR will be investing in the geographical areas below;

  • IZDEHAR will invest in Northern, Middle and Southern part of the West Bank. However, a significant portion of projects pipeline is focused in southern West Bank given its readiness.                                  
  • East Jerusalem is the most important Geographical area to invest in and IZDEHAR catalyst will focus on affordable housing and tourism sectors in this region.
  • Gaza Strip is a politically complex area, however, is a priority area for investing in waste to energy, water and infrastructure.