IZDEHAR’s diverse team of investment professionals and industry experts working under the directions of the BoD and Executive Committees comprise of leading businessmen with extensive industry expertise and hands on experience.

Rami Dasa (Masharqh)

Rami Dasa (Masharqh)

Rami Dasa (Masharqh)

Business Development Manager

Rami is a senior energy and electrical power expert; he has Possesses skills and experience in strategic planning, business development, management, and financial analysis.

He is a senior advisor for diverse business sectors and organizations in national infrastructure development, energy and power, industry, and electrical distribution utilities.

Rami was the national energy expert for UNIDO (United Nations for Industry Development) in the MOSTADAMA project. He worked for the Palestinian Investment Fund (PIF) in MASSADER company to develop renewable energy and solar utility-scale projects in Palestine. He was the leading advisor and business development director for different energy projects for the private sector investors.

For more than ten years, Rami worked in the electrical distribution sector (utilities), where he was the technical manager in Jerusalem electricity company, and then board advisor for new business and chief internal auditor.

In Izdehar, Rami is leading the Power projects, Hebron power plant 200 MW using natural gas as a fuel source will be one of the biggest in Palestine as a conventional electrical source, inline with HPP he working in the development of utility-scale solar PV projects and waste to energy plants in Palestine.