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National Animal Feed Plant

IZDEHAR | Palestine Prosperity Investment & Development|2021-04-29 17:00:59


  • 75% of consumed animal feed is imported.
  • Improve competitiveness of livestock sector and diary processing industryEstablish a state-of-the-art animal feed plant in Hebron with production capacity of 144,000 TPY of poultry and livestock feed .
  • A specialized facility for Premix production to suffice in-house consumption and local market.
  • The animal feed center will contain a strategic storage space for both raw material and ready for sales products.

Project key activities

  • Evaluating and contacting Equipment and installation supplier 
  • Plant requires 14 months to be completed

Project key Investment

  • $3.3m for Land (Purchased)
  • $2.2m for Infrastructure & construction. 
  • $8.8M for equipment (Work in Progress).
  • $0.8M for vehicles.
  • $11M for working capital requirements.


  • Contribute to the Reduction of Palestine trade balance deficit.  Economic Independence. 
  • Creating an opportunity for Agriculture empowerment project with possible of $15.2m investment.
  • Job creation (30 direct positions and 250 indirect).
  • Enhance GDP contribution by $10M.
  • Develop the supply chain and logistics platform & distribution (Further Job opportunities).
  • Invest in increasing current livestock.
  • NPV: US$ 4m  /  Payback Period: 5.6 Years

Project Highlights

144,000 TPY

20TPH Poultry

20TPH Livestock


Completion by 2021

Investment of US$ 26m

Equity IRR: 17%

60% Equity / 40% Debt