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National Grain Storage

IZDEHAR | Palestine Prosperity Investment & Development|2021-04-29 17:00:23


  • Current Grain storage capacity for private sector is sufficient for 3 weeks.
  • Palestine import around $250M of grains annually: 
    1. 400K ton Wheat.
    2. Livestock consumption of around 280K ton. 
  • 30 silos project with 120K ton capacity is proposed by IZDEHAR in nearby Tarkumya crossing as the nearest to Ashdod port: 
    1. 80K ton as national security level and 
    2. 40K ton monthly consumption.

Project Key Activities

  • Creating a viable sustainable business model for trade and food security.
  • Partner with PA to establish a legal framework for National Food Security.
  • Strengthen & enhance  PPP cooperation. 
  • PA to facilitate financial guarantee to import grain.  


  • Establish National Food Security.
  • Reducing basic food cost and impacting the livelihood of Palestine’s households.
  • Strengthening Agri-Business and Food Processing sectors.
  • Create an enabling environment for local grain production and storage.
  • Job creation (60 direct positions and 100’s indirect).
  • Enhance GDP contribution by $30M.

Project Highlights

Food Security

120,000 Ton

Completion by 2022

Investment of US$ 50m

Equity IRR: 17%

25% Equity / 75% Debt