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Hebron Power Plant

IZDEHAR | Palestine Prosperity Investment & Development|2021-04-29 16:38:50


  • Almost 99% of electricity is imported.
  • WB consumption estimated to reach 1,300 MWP in 2020.
  • PNA strategic objective is to achieve electricity cooperation with 50% self-dependent.
  • IZDEHAR proposes to establish 80 to 200 MW combined cycle (Gas) power plant that will supply electricity to residential, commercial and industrial entities in Hebron Governorate.

Project key activities

  • Securing a gas pipe from Israel is the main enabler of this project/ CNG is an option under evaluation.
  • Solving sector net worth credibility and collection problems.
  • Mitigating political and other risks.


  • Reduce Electricity Cost & Eliminate Interruption & Cutoffs.
  • Self-Dependence and total Import reduction.
  • Job creation (50 direct positions and 100’s indirect).  
  • Enhance GDP contribution by $20M.
  • Protect PA Tax collected income from any Israeli deductions.
  • Allow industries to operate two or three shifts production. (creating further jobs).   

Project Highlights

Power Independence

80-120 MW Electricity

Completion by 2023

Investment of US$ 100m

Equity IRR: 17%

50% Equity / 50% Debt